What to Expect?

For those receiving services for the first time, the initial session is an intake. An intake is a session focused on gathering information. This is a chance for the athlete to tell their story, history, and needs. Intakes are a great opportunity not only for the consultants to get to know the individuals or team, but also for the athletes to learn more about the consultant, performance psychology, ask questions, share concerns, etc. This is a collaboration between the consultant and the individual to talk about what the expectations are, the goals of meeting, and paving a path forward. 

The information shared between the consultant and individuals are bound by confidentiality, which means it stays between them. Confidentiality will be discussed in further detail once scheduled.

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are 1-on-1 with a mental performance coach and the athlete. Sessions can look different depending on the wants and needs of the individual. P4 works with individuals ranging from professional to youth athletes. No goal is too small and no obstacle is too big for us to work on. We are here to help all performers progress towards optimizing their performance.

These sessions are currently only being offered virtually.

Team Sessions

P4 works with teams of varying levels including youth teams, collegiate programs (Division I, II, III & NAIA & JUCO), pre-professional teams, and professional teams. Although teams differ in size, scale, and needs the goals remain the same: promoting a healthy environment to educate and help teams communicate effectively, increasing team cohesion, and promoting performance enhancement.


P4 can provide and facilitate workshops and keynote presentations on a variety of topics related to performance optimization. These topics include but are not limited to performance anxiety, team cohesion, communication, concentration & focus, confidence, emotional regulation, goal setting, gratitude, identity, imagery, coping with an injury, relaxation, resilience/perseverance, roles, stress management, team building and transition periods.